1. Raye


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  2. You wish _

    You wish _

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    haha your dad is dead

  3. Harlequin Studios

    Harlequin Studios

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    They ✅ ↔️ 👉 ➡️

  4. bearofthepolarvariety


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    Dutch is called Dutch because when the Germans came to America, We heard them say they came from “Deutschland”, and immediately, because we’re Americans , we thought they were saying Dutch. So the Germans that migrated to the US became the Dutch. Hence, the Pennsylvania Dutch.

  5. FHM Syndicate

    FHM Syndicate

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    Around 12:25 to 12:30: I totally agree..... I worked in NI for 3 yrs and could tell difference between Down vs. Antrin eg. Less than 30 miles apart FGS!!

  6. Xx_Wrath_YT


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    I love how you like the attack on Titan manga and have them in the corner

  7. Ian Cox

    Ian Cox

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    "Superior and bored" doesn't mean "strong and powerful," it means she's a friggin ice cube

  8. Tony Figueira

    Tony Figueira

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    13:28 your ruininig it

  9. madhbh


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    I think it should be legal to punch someone in the face

  10. Whisp-Moon Draws

    Whisp-Moon Draws

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    Showing this video to my bf. 😂😂😂

  11. Rigatoni_Joe


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    50 hours in this game and I never knew you could replenish your air using brain coral.

  12. Meow Princess

    Meow Princess

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    “i hate kids” *becomes youtuber watched by millions of children every day*

  13. -Pimperson -

    -Pimperson -

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    seeing jack do the old intro fills me with joy

  14. SHEEPinator


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  15. Grace Brock

    Grace Brock

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    Im in Germany rn on Exchange, and I agree with Felix. Though I love it here 🥲

  16. Tricounty Paranormal Hunters

    Tricounty Paranormal Hunters

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    Jack. the gov. probably got rid of the slide-to-unlock cuz people and hackers were able to get into your phones quicker and easier then now.

  17. MoKuZai


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    the voices...

  18. Lia Oertelt

    Lia Oertelt

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    thatveganteacher gonna be mad

  19. guy_who_playes_half_life: alyx

    guy_who_playes_half_life: alyx

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    anyone realize the syringe he never used throughout the whole video?



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    There’s a genocide run type ending that you should probably see. It is just as creepy as the one in Undertale

  21. dromstick


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    anyone else got this recommended out of the vluw

  22. Daniel Moon

    Daniel Moon

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    Dude öl means die in Turkish LOOOOOL

  23. jo sz

    jo sz

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    felix's camera blinked for me

  24. hen mendelbaum

    hen mendelbaum

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    18:40 because you awesome thats why

  25. Darragh O'Connor

    Darragh O'Connor

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    I'm from kerry so I don't ever see whats wrong with the accent or any accent

  26. MiseryPwnsYou


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    23:30 "Christians put a dude on a cross and filled with holes" ....I-....that's..... not who filled Jesus with holes?

  27. Kailer lol

    Kailer lol

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    Shorts were invented in like 2020 right? How was this taken in 2013 and uploaded then?

  28. Harlequin Studios

    Harlequin Studios

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  29. Kei


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    I'm in Germany and this was not suggested at all even tho I'm watching and subbed both pewds and Jack

  30. Aleksa Savic

    Aleksa Savic

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    I love how kirs in 13:41 Kris dancing is funny just well you will see it

  31. Dam I don’t know

    Dam I don’t know

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    I have not listened to this song for a long time xd

  32. Dante Garcia

    Dante Garcia

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    I love you man don’t have a good day have a great day

  33. Eleonora Castro

    Eleonora Castro

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    Você é você: you are you. IT'S PORTUGUESE hihi

  34. Natalie Dyson

    Natalie Dyson

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    me having ADHD on an insomnia night O.o

  35. keagan eakle

    keagan eakle

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    Only if they knew that whats gonna happen to this madlas

  36. Crunchy


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    7:27 looks like that tiktok vid of that sphynx bouncing on that guys balls

  37. CallMeMobile


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    I finally found a game from the All The Way remix video lol

  38. Kazaaakplethkilik


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    the cop killing the father could've genuinely been an accident, a preventable accident say the cop had better trigger discipline, but an accident.

  39. Michael Miller

    Michael Miller

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    Plot twist his dad is Santa Claus he just dosent know it yet

  40. Firebladetenn


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    *Looks at subscriber count of 27.4 Million* yup. That it is.

  41. Iodepongoleuova Evomitobananevolanti

    Iodepongoleuova Evomitobananevolanti

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    What if deltarune was just chara allucinating while sick before dying?

  42. H5gamer


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    I don’t know why those guys are there THATS THE REFERENCE

  43. Yurrrrrrr


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    halloween coming up... Gotta start jacks horror play throughs!

  44. Insomnia_Gaming


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    *" S C H M E T T E R L I N G "* fucking SENT ME

  45. Space Core

    Space Core

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    Original Title: "THIS GUY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY | Deltarune Chapter 2 (Part 3)"

  46. Jesenia Parrales

    Jesenia Parrales

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    Jack at 1:09 is the facial expression of mind blown lmao

  47. Alpha Wolfie

    Alpha Wolfie

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    There is more to Spamton than what you have seen so far. Perhaps one day you will see his full potential

  48. Star


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    5:50 they cared more for the fish than themselves

  49. Xander Murphy

    Xander Murphy

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  50. H Miles

    H Miles

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    I love the original god of war games and this moment made me love this I hate I couldn’t play this myself stupid Xbox I’m definitely getting ps5 for all the exclusives

  51. NotDanielSmith


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  52. Harlequin Studios

    Harlequin Studios

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    Jack jack

  53. BatuhanD


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    21:02 they are fact or cap……

  54. Benneboi


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    She spoke to me on a personal level once saying I was on my phone while my family watched tv…

  55. New Under Craft

    New Under Craft

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    It just doesn’t feel like your feeling it

  56. Francis


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    It still holds true to this day

  57. Gloomy


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    My favourite line: FUCK 'EM UP

  58. Max East

    Max East

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    What if beauty gave the murder the key with that room number because she was working that shift would she have seen cranes face when he checked in with the girl

  59. Harlequin Studios

    Harlequin Studios

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    Just add a mirror 🪞 🤪 😜

  60. Chelsea Renee

    Chelsea Renee

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    I'm 99 percent nine percent sure did this happens after Chris save the monsters cuz you can see how much it is brighter

  61. JakeTheDogGames


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    I loved how you laughed in synch, couldn’t have been better!

  62. Freia antonsson

    Freia antonsson

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    Why tf is felix playing whit his flip knife

  63. Harlequin Studios

    Harlequin Studios

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    You dance better than me

  64. Anna


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    Anyways 2022 is in a few months-

  65. Kev Jr

    Kev Jr

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    Noelle is Christmas but in french

  66. Jitz


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    That synced laugh XD

  67. Honey Sap

    Honey Sap

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    When they were dancing it looked like the dancing From the peanuts lol

  68. Akshat Tripathi

    Akshat Tripathi

    16 klukkustundum síðan

    I came to youtube after a while and as soon as I saw that jack uploaded a new video, I instantly clicked on it and as soon as he said top of the morning it instantly brought a smile to my face, which needed! Thank you so much Sean, Love you and your videos ❤️

  69. Arthur Williams

    Arthur Williams

    16 klukkustundum síðan

    BTW you should look more into Spamton, there's is a whole substory with him, with a secret fight , starting from the three blue check marks you wondered what they were about

  70. Harlequin Studios

    Harlequin Studios

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  71. ᴊᴏʀᴅɪɪ ᴏɴ ᴘʟᴜᴛᴏ!

    ᴊᴏʀᴅɪɪ ᴏɴ ᴘʟᴜᴛᴏ!

    16 klukkustundum síðan

    I’m just gonna watch this again after 3 years or so I can’t beat jevil so ima skip to chapter 2 lmao

  72. VlaDDrakkeN


    16 klukkustundum síðan

    Jack: "I kinda want to lean in and do the genocide route" No. Jack. Don't. You don't want to in this chapter. It is seriously fucked up and honestly makes me rethink the whole genocide route in the first game.

  73. Herobrine Gaming

    Herobrine Gaming

    16 klukkustundum síðan

    "Berdly is the king of guy that I wanna kill" Try a snowgrave run then, jack! 😉

  74. Moon Wolf

    Moon Wolf

    16 klukkustundum síðan

    My excitement level at maxim peak right now!!!