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Farmers are actual real life geniuses. They can feed themselves and fix anything. Serious respect.


First of all, if you need to put together a grain bin, I recommend calling Danny. The man is a genius.
His email is: dannylef2 at yah00 d0t c0m
(I've typed his email address like that so webcrawlers won't detect it and spam him. If you're a farmer you're smart enough to figure that out.)

Grain Packing Factors:


Fan sizing for grain bin applications:

How to handle a grain bin emergency:



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    So really surprised that you did not talk about the PTO

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    I am in or are you a real farmer because I am and when he said by the time in the dried fruit we actually don’t have enough time to use green beans so we don’t use them but we have them and we used to use them with my grandpa died and that we don’t use them

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  5. John G

    John G

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    Many years ago, maybe 35 year's ago, I worked for a company that Installed grain bins. We had hand jacks that would bolt to the sides, lift it up and add another ring all the way around, and repeat. It was a cool job. The heavier sheet's are used for the bottom. Keep jacking, add a ring, bolt it on, repeat.

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    The montage segment where you build the bin is one of my favorite clips on ISboths. Amazing work!

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    Farmers are the backbone of every country, not only America..., I'm from India you imagine

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  20. Nathan Webster

    Nathan Webster

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    Love it! Thanks for showcasing the Ag industry. Small world, that guy building the bin, built our 58ft bin in Illinois with his brother. Most efficient crew I’ve seen. Wasn’t expecting to see anyone I knew!

  21. jdman561


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    Yes, punches are the best. That’s how I would realign a stubborn hole while riveting. Drilling out a misaligned hole, is for the weak.

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    DIY indoor skydiving

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    When you want to learn about the infrastructure around the sign business let me know, I could use some free labor lol

  24. Don Riedel

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    Something that should've been said: the density of the dust in a grain bin is one of the most flammable things ever. NEVER strike a match/light a cigarette in there!

  25. Michael Montgomery

    Michael Montgomery

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    5:48: sign: DO NOT ENTER THIS BIN! WILL RESULT IN INJURY OR DEATH **enters bin**

  26. An Epic Otter

    An Epic Otter

    12 dögum síðan

    In regards to repairing farming equipment, the farmers use every tool they can but companies like John Deere make it a royal pain to do many repairs and directly oppose Right to Repair proposals. Although right to repair already exists in the consumer automotive industry, it doesn't exist for any computers or applicably to this video, farming equipment. This means that companies can prevent farmers from buying repair tools and equipment and force them to pay the manufacturer to do repairs which can lead to weeks of equipment downtime during periods where they absolutely need that equipment running. To combat this anti-competitive and anti-consumer business practice, please consider supporting right to repair in your state or country. What you do to your property is none of their business but many corporations have quite literally made it their business to control the life cycle of your property.

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