The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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-Napoleon and Alex on raft © RMN-Grand Palais / Art Resource, NY

Music (licensed under a Creative Commons license):

Music by Kevin MacLeod:
Marty Gets A Plan
Hard Boiled
Dances and Dames
Fast Talkin
Pina Colada
Face Off
Bumbly March
Sneaky Snitch
Faster Does It
Constance The Descent
Exotic Battle
Covert Affair

From Artlist:
Ian Post - Eminence Landscapes
LMOP - The Whisper Man
Kevin Graham - Autumn
Maik Thomas - Bonus Track
Ian Post - Futuristic War

Audionautix - Temptation March

All other music licensed from Epidemic Sound

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      the british yet again declared war

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      what's the song at the start?

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      Your a screw up not me

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    How to explain napoleonic wars in 5 words: they had horses and muskets

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    This is so funny

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    Napoleon being made the emperor and in the background the sound of the german national anthem :D

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    are you going to make more videos

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    So Napoleon’s mother gave birth to Napoleon and his entire army? No wonder they were powerful.

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    Poor Mrs. Buonaparte...

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    😐Well 30 years later, there are some Tori Amos lyrics that make more sense ...about the Russians dying on the ice.

  27. snickle1980


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    The USA had a GREAT run, didn't we, Europe? 😀 What do you think is in store for us next? Civil war? A great reformation? An age of enlightenment? Disgrace? From 1945 to about 2001, We popped off just like the Dutch and the Brits but now it's time to go back to simply being a world power.😀 Over 50 years of "ruling the free world"...Now that our influence is waning, and the empire crumbles around the edges, I'm curious to see what we'll accomplish in our post-empire years. I'd ask my fellow Americans, but we're having an educational issue here recently and... 😐What do Europeans see as our future, as we slowly pull back from the world stage?

  28. Niki Play

    Niki Play

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    in my home town of penig in germany there is a house with still has a french kanonball stuck in its wall... or atleast that whats been told by the historians in town

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    27:39 toby fox is making me go insane BIG SHOT

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    Short Clip

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    i wonder whats coming next after this

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    When it’s Friday and school ended: 0:34

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    Oh yea, a national leader pooing in pants when meeting with other national leaders

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    Wow that was a ☮️

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    15:27 because they use nordVPN

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    Yep they were totally doing napoleon's wife um

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      Um I'm sorry pal forgive me

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    5:37 So Simeon kissed Joesphine and napoleon hasn't lol

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    J127 11 JAMESON OOI JIN YUAN 黄瑾渊

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